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Corporate Brochure

This is a sample page of copy for a new corporate brochure.  Habia Cable are part a Swedish Global company who are leading manufacturers in specialist cabling.  Armies, navies and air forces choose Habia Cable as a preferred supplier.


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Habia Cable – Meeting the global defence challenge


For more than four decades the international defence market has relied upon Habia Cable.  Throughout the world, defence ministries, major defence equipment manufacturers and defence sub contractors have turned to Habia Cable for solutions.


The global defence market has experienced major changes over the past 10 years.  The general trend in cutting national defence budgets has created a fiercely competitive market.  The ‘premier league’ has been re-organised with mergers, joint ventures, partnerships and take-overs.


Habia has   responded with vigour to this fast moving and changing environment.  We have fine tuned our organisation.  We have introduced a co-ordinated approach to supplying global defence manufacturers.  We establish corporate purchasing agreements.  We provide local engineering support to multi-national design offices.


The benefits of this strategy have been recognised by major defence manufacturers.  It has enabled strong partnerships to be forged.  It is a logical way to build for future contracts.  It is why Habia Cable is so often chosen as a preferred supplier to today’s most prestigious projects including.


  • The UK Bowman Communications System for the British Army
  • The British Astute Class Submarine for the British Navy
  • The EH 101 helicopter for the Danish Armed Forces
  • The Visby Class Corvettes for the Swedish Navy
  • The Type 45 destroyer for the British Navy
  • The Leopard MBT for the Spanish Armed Forces
  • The Hawk Fighter Trainer for the Indian Air Force
  • The Skjold class MTB for the Norwegian Navy


Like these clients you will benefit from our expert design of a dedicated range of specialist wire and cable applications.  You will receive a flexible, innovative service throughout the contract.  You will be assured by the extensive range of standards under which we supply across the field of modern defence.


We hope this brochure will enable you to receive a clear picture of our company’s experience, expertise and commitment in supplying you with an outstanding product and service at all times.


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