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Hypnotising dental anxiety away


One of the problems that most dentists battle with is the anxiety that patients experience before their visit.  Riverview Dental Practice in Totnes has found a secret to success.  Chris Fleet a qualified hypnotherapist from Paignton now treats nervous or anxious patients.


“So often a visit to a dentist brings panic and anxiety. Countless people suffer in this way.  Hypnotherapy is the most successful way to treat this anxiety” says Chris Fleet.  “Working with Riverview Dental patients I bring about a permanent attitude change that removes this irrational worry.”  As an NHS registered hypnotherapist, Chris Fleet is the only full-time hypnotherapist in the region. NICE the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence, who advise the NHS, have determined hypnotherapy as a valuable treatment.


Hypnotherapy is about relaxation.  It is a combination of hypnosis, psychology and relaxation used to resolve emotional problems such as anxiety.  Elaine Austin, Riverview Dental, explained “our experience with a patient treated using hypnotherapy has been extremely successful.  As a result we are widening the service and we believe that many of our patients will benefit.”


Chris undertakes most treatments at his practice in Paignton and nervous dental patients will attend here.  Another treatment that Riverview will introduce is Chris’s smoking cessation plan. “Why have your teeth whitened and then ruin the treatment by smoking” says Elaine.  “In fact by stopping smoking


the money saved will more than pay for the treatment in the first year” suggests Chris.


Riverview Dental already provides a comfortable relaxing surgery overlooking the river and the ducks antics.  Nervous patients can now fully relax in the dentist’s chair.  It all makes life easier for the dentist, the patient and could be the pocket!


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