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Corporate Brochure

This is a sample page of copy for a new corporate brochure.  Habia Cable are part a Swedish Global company who are leading manufacturers in specialist cabling.  Armies, navies and air forces choose Habia Cable as a preferred supplier.

The brochure comprised 10 pages


– Text –

Habia Cable – Meeting the global defence challenge


For more than four decades the international defence market has relied upon Habia Cable.  Throughout the world, defence ministries, major defence equipment manufacturers and defence sub contractors have turned to Habia Cable for solutions.


The global defence market has experienced major changes over the past 10 years.  The general trend in cutting national defence budgets has created a fiercely competitive market.  The ‘premier league’ has been re-organised with mergers, joint ventures, partnerships and take-overs.


Habia has   responded with vigour to this fast moving and changing environment.  We have fine tuned our organisation.  We have introduced a co-ordinated approach to supplying global defence manufacturers.  We establish corporate purchasing agreements.  We provide local engineering support to multi-national design offices.


The benefits of this strategy have been recognised by major defence manufacturers.  It has enabled strong partnerships to be forged.  It is a logical way to build for future contracts.  It is why Habia Cable is so often chosen as a preferred supplier to today’s most prestigious projects including.


  • The UK Bowman Communications System for the British Army
  • The British Astute Class Submarine for the British Navy
  • The EH 101 helicopter for the Danish Armed Forces
  • The Visby Class Corvettes for the Swedish Navy
  • The Type 45 destroyer for the British Navy
  • The Leopard MBT for the Spanish Armed Forces
  • The Hawk Fighter Trainer for the Indian Air Force
  • The Skjold class MTB for the Norwegian Navy


Like these clients you will benefit from our expert design of a dedicated range of specialist wire and cable applications.  You will receive a flexible, innovative service throughout the contract.  You will be assured by the extensive range of standards under which we supply across the field of modern defence.


We hope this brochure will enable you to receive a clear picture of our company’s experience, expertise and commitment in supplying you with an outstanding product and service at all times.


–  ends –


Web site Home page

This is a sample of web copy written for the home page of a creative company.

–  Text  –

  1. Welcome to inspired graphic design for smart businesses.
  2. Welcome to creative stimulation


Businesses with successful marketing have an edge in their promotion. Like creative graphic design solutions for logos, stationery or literature, to corporate image, websites and the Internet.  Our edge is our reputation for powerful visual identity with modern graphic imagery giving businesses the upper hand – we would like it to be yours.  We love it when our graphic designs come to life and you start to benefit.


So why SugarFix?    Sugar gives energy, fun- a get up and go attitude.  Vibrant, unique, attention-grabbing graphic design – for lasting impact either on-line or on-paper.  Look upon them as bespoke works of art.   Colours, graphics and images are in our DNA.  Add a sprinkling of fun, which makes customers say – yes.  Colour and design is the Fix bit in our branding.  It is how we will fuel your brand and business.


Graphic talk

Great graphics talk….do yours just say goodbye !!!   Some of our clients say our graphic designs have attitude.  We call it personality.  It’s how we give business a character, individuality and qualities.  We give your brand a voice.  Colourful designs each visually exciting.  It’s what people notice.


We take care of all your graphic design needs.   Look through our portfolio page (link to page) and see how we help businesses.   Equally, take a tour through our website to see our full range of design and print services. (link to page)   Moreover, we completed all this work at an affordable price.


Snap up a business bundle

Just look at our Small Business bundles.  All ready for the start up.  Our bespoke business bundles contain all the essentials – logos, cards, leaflets display and web site.  We understand the excitement and stress that starting a business brings.   You know the saying – ‘watch the pennies and the £’s look after themselves’.  We watch the pennies like a hawk making our Business Bundles valuable.  Exactly what you need when starting up.  After all bills travel through the mail at twice the speed of other mail.  Smaller bills make it trouble-free.


SugarFix Creative briefly – top quality creative graphic design and value for money.

A one-stop shop for business promotion.


A free chat….

It all starts with an informal chat.  Pop in or call us on 01803 226740.  Perhaps email us with a click here (link to contact page)



There is no time like the present, right now, to get started on your dreams and goals. Move your business to the next level; contact us today for a FREE, NO OBLIGATION consultation. Hear how inspired design for print or a stunning website will achieve the results you deserve.  Start here with a click ( link to contact page)

 –  ends  –


Press release

This press release was published as a joint exercise beteen my client and his client.  It told of an unusual treatment and resulted in a huge amount of new business for both parties.

–  text  –

Hypnotising dental anxiety away


One of the problems that most dentists battle with is the anxiety that patients experience before their visit.  Riverview Dental Practice in Totnes has found a secret to success.  Chris Fleet a qualified hypnotherapist from Paignton now treats nervous or anxious patients.


“So often a visit to a dentist brings panic and anxiety. Countless people suffer in this way.  Hypnotherapy is the most successful way to treat this anxiety” says Chris Fleet.  “Working with Riverview Dental patients I bring about a permanent attitude change that removes this irrational worry.”  As an NHS registered hypnotherapist, Chris Fleet is the only full-time hypnotherapist in the region. NICE the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence, who advise the NHS, have determined hypnotherapy as a valuable treatment.


Hypnotherapy is about relaxation.  It is a combination of hypnosis, psychology and relaxation used to resolve emotional problems such as anxiety.  Elaine Austin, Riverview Dental, explained “our experience with a patient treated using hypnotherapy has been extremely successful.  As a result we are widening the service and we believe that many of our patients will benefit.”


Chris undertakes most treatments at his practice in Paignton and nervous dental patients will attend here.  Another treatment that Riverview will introduce is Chris’s smoking cessation plan. “Why have your teeth whitened and then ruin the treatment by smoking” says Elaine.  “In fact by stopping smoking


the money saved will more than pay for the treatment in the first year” suggests Chris.


Riverview Dental already provides a comfortable relaxing surgery overlooking the river and the ducks antics.  Nervous patients can now fully relax in the dentist’s chair.  It all makes life easier for the dentist, the patient and could be the pocket!


–  ends  –