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My fees etc | Most copywriters are more expensive

How much do I charge?

As a copywriter, I charge by the project…not words or time.  My way is fair to you and to me.

Some copywriters charge by the hour.  But this is like a blank cheque.  If they take longer to do the job you pay more.

Being an experienced freelance copywriter, I supply a costing for each job or project.  My fee remains firm however long the job takes.  The only way that I revise the fee is if you change the job or brief, following the receipt of draft copy.  Nonetheless, the fee includes up to2 revisions.

My cost will pleasantly surprise you.

Remember the dearest job is the one that does not work for you.  My work regularly increases business for clients.

How long will it take?

You set the timescaleI will produce the material to comply.  But please bear in mind there are only 24 hours in my day as well!!

How do I work?

You provide me with a brief which includes details of the product or service and who your customer is.  You need to tell me what you want the copy to do.  In other words you have to educate me about your company, products and ambitions.  I then do the rest – researching the market, producing the keywords for websites, researching your competition etc.

It all starts with either a telephone call or an e-mail … – make it today and let’s get that project off your desk and under way.

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